Hola!, as you may have already guessed my name is David Vallejo and I work as a Implementation Specialist Consultant.

Actually I’m living in a small town near San Sebastian in the north of Spain. 

My main expertise field is the analytics implementations relying on any analytics or tms tools, but mainly focused on using Google Analytics along with Google Tag Manager / Tealium

I would say my main strength comes from having a seasoned background on IT Infrastructures ( I worked offering servers outsourcing for 6 years in the past ) and some self-taugh  programming skills that really do a good party along with my analytical mind. All this allows me to be able to have a full view of what a analytics tracking project needs and how to face it. 

I really love sharing, and when I say that I really mean it. I feel that’s the way to grow, if I look back, I can see that most of the things I learnt in the past has come from other people knowledge sharing, on free documents, conferences, forums, social networks, almost anywhere. I just try to be fair and give back a bit of what I received.

On this website you’ll be able to find articles you’ll mostly find out articles about how to track, fix, improve your analytics implementations. Also you could info details about my debugging tools ( GTM/GA Debugger, UDO Debugger, Analytics Debugger, GAUPET ).

I would say that I’ve never been much into the social thing, so despite I’ve attended a lot of conferences I’ve never participated on any as a speaker till the past year. Looking forward to improve on this 🙂

  • DAA Awards for Excellence – PRACTITIONER OF THE YEAR (INDIVIDUAL) Nominee , 2016
  • MeasureCamp, Madrid 2019 ( Speaker )
  • SuperWeek, Galyatetö, Hungary, 2020 ( Gold Punchcard Prize Winner )

I’m also part of the Tealium Experts Program.

You can reach me on Twitter (@thyng), Linkedin or via the contact form on this same website.